zondag 2 januari 2011

New year - New beginning!




So from now on, you can follow me on that blog! Thanks to all the readers, but now it is time to take a look behind the scenes! ;)..

With love, Femke.

donderdag 16 december 2010

Life is a gift and I am still unpacking it..

Hi there!
Hahah, this is/was the most terrible place to take pictures, I KNOW! It was snowing outside and it was already starting to get dark, so we wanted to take pictures in 'our' basement.. But when we got there, the door was locked.. So no pictures in the basement.. We searched for another place to take pictures, but everything and everywhere it was ugly!! Hahaha. So this was the result HAHA.

Today was my last day of school.. I had a presentation of my project from Merchandise Management.. And this afternoon I had VACATION! Yeeeahhh! Saturday I am going home, back to Holland! Very excited!
Tonight we are going to party with the girls, because the other girls are already leaving tomorrow!

My outfit of today?
Denim blouse, chino pants and black cardigan - Zara
Booties - Fotex
Jewelry - Asos and gifts.

xoxo Femke.

dinsdag 14 december 2010

and I wonder if I ever cross your mind..

Ohmygod, today was COLD! So making this pictures was a real hell!! Hahaha. Me and Jessica were actually freezing and when we came home, it took a long time before we were warm again! Hahaha. But the park where we made these pictures was really nice, so it was kind of worth it..
Today was my day off, but these two weeks before Christmas I have a project at school I really like.. It is Merchandise management, and like the name already explains, it is about managing merchandise in the stores and headquarters.. So very interesting!

I am wearing black and white again today.. Really love that combination, am a big fan of black clothing haha! Last I was thinking about it and I was talking with a few girls about clothing.. And in every single outfit I wear, there is always a black item in the outfit! Hahaha.

Today I was wearing:
Black cardigan : h&m
White tee : COS
Grey pants : Zara
Black hat : h&m
Booties : Fotex

Enjoy your night.. I am going to enjoy mine with a cup of hot choco and episodes of Sex and the city!

With love, Femke.

ps. There is one kind of blurry picture, this was taken by accident! Hahah. Jessica was going to make a picture, but then the camera fell out of her hands, and this happened! Hahah, thought the result was pretty funny, so I placed it! X.

donderdag 9 december 2010

It goes on and on and on..

Menn, today i REALLY got frustrated by the stupid snow.. I had to go to school with my bike. And normally i do this in like 15 minutes.. But today.. OMG! It was slippery as hell, almost fell a few times, it was scary as HELL! Againnn.. I am so sick and tired of the snow.. Eventhough i LOVELOVE the nature and trees and everything being this white.. It doesn't win from the hate! Hahah. Yea, i KNOW i spoke about this yesterday aswell, but i am just really frustrated with it haha.

I really like 'playing' with different clothing styles.. Yesterday I was kind of tough with my military jacket and boots.. Today I am more classic with the red lipstick, black sweater and white blouse.. When people ask me to define my style, I never know a 'good' answer to that.. I do not think my style can be defined in a few words.. It changes frequently I think.. Being in Denmark also influences me.. I lovelovelove the Danish/Scandinavian style so much! Sometimes when I walk at school, i just stare at some girls haha. Also the boys here are só well dressed! Really love that about this country.. It is unbelievable! Hihi. So that also influences me ofcourse.. What is your 'style'?

What was I wearing today?
Black sweater - h&m (old)
White blouse underneath - Monki
Grey skinny - h&m
Boots - Fotex

Tonight I have a christmas dinner/party here at our place, so I will get dressed for that! Have this new amazing oneshouldered dress!! Will show you later how it looks! Enjoy your night!

Love, F.

woensdag 8 december 2010

Yesterday has already passed, today is a new day!

Hi lovelies!

How are youuuu?? I am fine, even though i keep on neglacting my blog!! SORRY! hihi. The last two weeks were very boring, so I also had not much to talk about.. We had a very boring project at school, called sustainable design!! And we didn't have to go to school, so we sat at home all day.. Very boring! So I didn't wear very special clothing haha. We did have some fun things in the past two weeks, thankgod for that! It was some girls birthday, so we went out for dinner somewhere! Really had much fun with all the girls! Also we had a party from our school, TEKO! Also had a BLAST! Hihih. And ofcourse had a few partys!! Still having much fun here with all my girls and all.. But also I am REALLY looking forward to go home!! At the 18th of December I am returning to Holland for two weeeks and i really cán't wait!!!! Hihih :D..

I really love the military trend that is going on at this moment.. I love the green colour and also love the 'toughness' of this trend.. So when I first layed my eyes on this military parka jacket thing, I fell in looooove! But unfortunately it still was november, and as some of you can remember, November was fashion diet month for me and Jessica! But it still was in my mind after a while and when it was the first of December, I decided to buy it! Hahaha! And today was the first time i wore it, and I loove it! What do you think about it??

My outfit?
Parka jacket - Gina Tricot
Striped top - Zara
Black short - Vero Moda (old!)
Belt - Pieces
Booties - Fotex

ps.. Dont you just love the snowy nature? Hihih, i love to loook at it.. But to walk and bike in it.. Aaahh terrible! Really, everything I have to go somewhere on my bike, i think i am going to dieee! I get nervous and sweaty and all.. Hahaha, screaming a lot! Really, HATE IT! Never fall/fell though, but i should better not jinx that!! Do you like/love or hate the snow?
pps. do not look at my red head.. IT WAS FREEZING!


maandag 29 november 2010

Let it snow, let is snow..

This are some pictures from yesterday.. As you can see, not really an outfitpost, but just lovely nature pictures.. Me and some of the girls walked around in the beautiful nature.. It was cold as hell, but it was very beautiful! We had a nice walk.. Made some pictures as you can see.. Saw some deers, so cute, and had a snowfight! Hahaha!
On one of the pictures you can see as tree, that still has green leaves on it! So weird! Hahha.. But that is the funny thing of the nature.. It is so unpredictable, you always get suprised..

After our walk, we had some nice hot chocolatmilk and listened to christmas carols! And eventhough it still is November, it felt good! Hahah. Cant wait for Christmasssss!!

xoxo Femke.

dinsdag 23 november 2010

Living in a winter wonderland..

This morning Jessica and I woke up.. And we saw a WHITE world! Hahah, it was so weird to see.. I looked out of the window and I was like whaat? What is this? hahaha. And it was snowing sooo hard! The most terrible thing was that I needed to go to school haha! But luckily i survived! Making the pictures was TOO COLD! You can probably see my squeezing my hands! Hahah. And as much as I hate the cold and the snow and getting wet and everything, i looove how it looks.. Everything is so nice and white and beautiful.. This afternoon i just looked out of the window, to look at the snow! Hahah I know, very nerdy! But i think it is very beautiful!

My outfit for today:
Denim blouse - Zara
White blouse - Monki
Black skinny jeans - h&m
Shoes - Sasha shoes
Scarve - h&m

xoxo, Femke.